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  Title: My old servers
Mar 20, 2005 - 1:54 pm
Posted By: Tempest

Fakecajun write:
---*scratches head*  Tempest I've been wondering for a very long time...what de heck happened to your server?  You ain't running dis game anymore?  Are you still playing this game? And hopely you are feeling better bud.---

There were a few reasons I took down the darkelves.com servers. First and most important was that they started costing me too much. I used to have a huge operations centre with a hell of a lot more bandwidth and servers that we needed, and so could easily allocate a cluster of Sun servers for a backend database, and three dual-processor Apple Xserves for the front end web servers. That company was sold back in May, and we moved everything (that was ours) out by mid-summer. The game was then moved onto a single PowerMac dual-1GHZ G4 / 2GB ram, which was more than fast enough to run the game, but with just a cable modem (about 1 MBPS upload capability instead of the 100 MBPS that we used to have), the speed wasn't enough to let more than a few people play at the same time. Then there was one of the guys who works in the office beside ours who figured out how to cheat at the game, and did so in tourney.. I got back from some work and a nice vacation in Europe a week after the tourney ended to deal with more complaining than I wanted to pay attention to, so the server was put on our internal network and there's usually about 30 people playing (most of them in our office building for who we provide the internet connectivity).

Myself, I caught mono in December, and am only just getting back to normal. Three months of not doing much has been horrible (imagine getting up to go to the bathroom, and by the time you get back to your bed, you're so tired you have to sleep again), and I've got a LOT to catch up on, so I probably won't be playing anywhere for a while longer. I'll definitely make the time when the new version comes out, and probably would have played in the current tourney if I had been invited *grumbles at Moon*, but otherwise my girlfriend and my job are taking up most of my time.

It might be nice to have an "old-timers" game.. I'll leave that up to the people running the show (and who have more bandwidth than I right now).

If anyone has any ideas as to what to do with the darkelves.com domain name (it's being used for a whole lot of email addresses, but the web site currently serves no purpose), I'm open to suggestions.

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Mar 20, 2005 - 1:58 pm

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