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  Title: Space Stations
Feb 28, 2005 - 3:01 pm
Posted By: Tempest

There's probably a thread about this somewhere in the message boards, but I'm too tired (lazy) to go looking, so I'm just going to post this here.

In talking to a friend this morning, we came up with a few ideas for space stations in the game. First, shipyards would be removed from the game. I know, this may seem a bit harsh, but keep reading..

Each planet would, when it reaches level 15 all around, be capable of building a space station. Space stations would have different capabilities depending on the number of planets that contribute to it. A red/black sun in a sector with one planet contributing resources (percentage population) to a space station would be less capable than a blue sun sector with five planets contributing to the station. This idea needs to be further developed, but to begin with, lets say the capabilities of a station are based on the number of persons working on it, and number of planets supplying it with resources.

There would be another field on planets for % of colonists who will work on a space station. No more than 20% of a planet's personnel could work on the station at once.
Level 1 (one planets @ 20% population): Control and coordinate sector defense fighters (bonus of 100% efficiency in fighter activity, fighters will continue to attack enemies in the sector, and mines can be moved around in the sector to impact enemy ships that stay past one tick (run of the schedule). Also, the station's technical personnel could install researched technologies from the planets in the sector onto any ship that docks there.
Level 2 (two planets @ 20% population): Automatically trade resources between planets in the same sector, so if you have one planet with huge organic productions, then that one can automatically feed the others, just as a planet with lots of ore can provide it to others to help build armor and the like.
Level 3 (three planets @ 20% population): Build a shipyard. With a shipyard in your space station, you can build new ships. These shipyards will not act like the ones in the game at present, as they will only let you build ships to the maximum technology level of any given planet in the sector, and will let you build your ships with the technological bonuses of the research stations on the planets (the currently unused research option for population on the planets). A Voyager with a maximum level 25 in all areas could cost 100 million credits, but if the maximum is level 15 all around due to planets not having high enough technology, it might only cost 15 million. Ships built in shipyards will cost money, time, or both. For example, a shipyard operating at 60% efficiency (three planets devoting 20% colonists each, or four planets two of which are at 20% and two at 10%) could produce a Voyager with maximum tech levels 15 in 24 hours, or for 15 million credits. It could produce one with maximum tech levels of 25 in one week, or for 100 million credits. Note that these are just example numbers, and would need to be worked out for the game.
Level 4 (four planets @ 20% population): Build a drydock.
Once you have a ship with a maximum specific technology level, you will probably want to increase that past its maximum at some point. For example, lets say you build a Voyager in a shipyard whose planets allow it a maximum technology level of 20 in engines and 15 in sensors. The class of voyager will let you go up to 25 all around, but for whatever reason no planets in your sector had 25 or higher between them; thus, a cripled voyager. If you upgrade your station to have drydock capabilities, you can increase the technology level maximums of your ship (for a fee). You can also have the upgrades performed free (or for lesser cost) if you wait in your ship in that sector (drydocked) for a specified period of time.
Level 5 (five planets @ 20% population): Active sector defenses.
Shooting down nova bombs / missiles that are launched into the sector by enemy ships is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to defend your sectors. With a level 5 space station, there are full time gunners and torpedoe launchers trained on the entrance points to your sector. Any enemy ships will not only have to deal with the fighters roaming your sector, and the mines that impact their hull, but a contant stream of gattling guns, point defence lasers, missle turrets, and the coordinated planetary defense systems of all the planets in the sector. When entering a sector, an enemy ship may only see a few thousand fighters, but the space station can call up millions of fighters from the planets in minutes to help take out any invaders. A level 5 space station is automatically equiped with the equivalent technology level of fighters, torpedoes, jammers, sensors, and other technologies of the highest tech level of any of the planets in the sector, as well as being armed with any advanced weaponry or defences from the research stations on the planets. A fully upgraded excelsior will have a hard time taking one of these out, possibly necessitating team or coordinated efforts to eliminate the station.

Thoughts / suggestions? PM me and I'll update this entry with anything that makes sense.

Entry Edited 1 time - Edited on Feb 28, 2005 - 3:05 pm

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